Monday, October 22, 2007


Nikkipolani, I hope you are allright. And that other people dealing with the wildfires are allright too. I've been thinking of them a lot today. It is really scary.

Thanks to Allison, JoWynn, Jody, Henny, Kylee, Lisa and Sara. My talent is not that much involved, I am just following a pattern taken from Pieced Vegetables by Ruth B. McDowell.
And it will be a wall hanging for one of my daughters. Don't know yet which one...

Thank you Annica, Aiyana, Wurzel, CG and Genny for your kind comments on my artichoke. I like it too and it was fun to sew.
Thank you Mark and Genny for visiting the Pampa grass and leaving a comment.
Have a great week all!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vero, for your kind concern. I'm doing okay. I live inland and away from the fires, but the acrid smell of dry things burning is constantly in the air. The skies are brown and sunsets are red.

Penny said...

I have just visited your blog and really like it, I will be back again.