Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Scarf

Hello to all,

The answer to Neki's question about the mold can be found here.
In short, the glass is inflated into the mold. But do go and read the details.

This week has been rainy and windy, calling for some knitting.
For lazy knitting in fact:
This yarn is Plassard Tricotine, suggested needles are 20+, I used 25.
To give you an idea of the needles size...
About one hour later:

2 ball of yarns make a 6 stitches wide and 115 cm  long scarf.

This is a long weekend in France, with the sun shining here.
I hope your weekend will be a good as mine...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glass blower

Still in El Poble Espanyol, I saw these strange molds on a wall:
I suppose they are used to mold glass.
While we were there, this gentleman was demonstrating his craft.
He could make a horse in just a few seconds from a glowing drop of glass. Amazing. It looks so easy, but I'm sure it is hard work.
Have all a nice week!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

El Poble Espanyol

I'm glad you liked the graffitis from Barcelona. Thank you for your comments.

The day after, we went to El Poble Espanyol, an open air museum that gives a glimpse to the architecture found through Spain. It is also a craft village, and a place with restaurant and shows.

This is what the TripAdvisor says

The Pueblo Español is an enchanting village on Montjuic that was built in 1929 and that contains architecture that represents each province of Spain. Every single building is a copy of a real building. There is no traffic inside the village, as it is really a theme park. And the stores here are very entertaining because they feature crafts that one would not normally see, done by artists and craftsmen. There are many restaurants where one can have lunch.
The Pueblo Español was built for the 1929 International Exhibition to showcase Spain. It was supposed to be demolished after the Exhibition, but there was wide popular support to keep it intact because it was so charming and a good tourist attraction. The builders of the village were the architects Ramon Reventos and Francesc Folguera, while the artists were Xavier Nogues and Miquel Utrillo. Before the building of the village, the four made may trips around Spain to take photographs and get ideas. They took many notes and made many drawings. The four visited 1600 towns and villages in Spain!

I leave you wander through the village:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Graffiti in Barcelona

To answer Houndstoot's comment about
this is a graffiti, Dali painted on a shutter. In real, it is quite amazing.

Until recently, street artists were allowed to paint on shop shutters. Apparently, this is no longer the case, see this article. Too bad, because those shutters were protected from wild art, and were fun to search for.
Neki, maybe you can tell us more about graffiti in Barcelona? As a visitor, I like them, but as a resident, you may have another opinion?

Here are a few more pictures from previous trips:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Where has the week gone?

Hello ladies,

Thanks for your comment on the Slutwalk. The vision of that man has been bothering me all week. We were at least two grown up women listening to what he said, without reacting. How could that be? I'm rather short-tempered, you know. I think I have an answer. Soft-operator could be what he is. His body language was very different from what he said. From a few steps away, he looked calm, educated, nice. He chose his words very carefully. I'm sure that he is manipulative, making you believe he never said what you "think" he said. Sigh...

Autumn seems to be there, the strong wind making the temperatures drop in a few hours.
What is a girl to do? Catch the last bites of holidays.
There is this brand new hotel in Barcelona, direct on the beach, shaped like a sail. You can see it here.
I am very curious about it, because my daughter told me it is beautiful inside, and because W means Largo Winch to me :-). So we went for a drink, this time at the outdoor bar at the bottom of the tower, next time we'll try the one upstairs, with the view over the town. It was cosy, with very nice staff.

More pictures of Barcelona, soon! In the meantime, take care! Somebody is watching...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Slutwalk in Aix en Provence

I just finished lunch, making me comfortable for a little nap, when I saw a status on FaceBook: Slutwalk starting in Aix en Provence in less than two hours...
Since May 14th, I've been following several feminist blogs, and looking at the French seduction with another point of view. This was an occasion to meet other people with the same concern, and to do something more concrete.
It is the first time ever I take part to a walk, so I did not know what to expect. And I liked what I saw.

This one was organized by Slutwalk Aix. Apparently, it was a first for them too. And they did very well.

While we were gathering, people came to ask what this meant, and to discuss with us. One senior man, very polite, talked to some of us. It was rather a monologue, because we did not know what to answer: he agrees rape is a crime. But what can you expect if you dress to arouse men (he was careful not to call us sluts :-)).
He went on by explaining that two decision makers in one family is one too much. Guess who that can be. Finally (because the walk started) he explained that feminism was pure evil (his words), main reason for single parenthood, destruction of family, and frustration of husbands that could only revert to killing their feminist wives after a divorce. The guy was not joking...
Anyway, it was the time to keep moving.
Below is one shot during the walk, and at the end.

Most people were surprised, then smiling and welcoming.  All very cheerful.
However, someone poured a bucket of (hopefully) water on our heads... and when we prepared to part, we were told to be careful, since aggressions were likely to occur at that moment... I guess this is the reason why the walk ended in the middle of people shopping and walking.Sigh...

There was a bonus for me: among the walkers, I recognized a fellow blogger, owner of C'que mes pauvres mains racontent, who lives in Aix. We have been following each other for about three years, but had never met in person. Her solo on No means No would have made the deads dance, Passers by did. We agreed to meet again for a knitting tea. 

Emilie, this one is for you. Enlarge and look at the window in the middle...

Now, it's time for a nap. Have a good weekend!