Monday, June 29, 2009


Glad you like the day lillies and the amaryllis.
The amaryllis are the ones I grow inside in winter. I leave them in pot, and bring them outside in the summer. They don't have leaves when they come out, but usually grow news ones during their vacations outside. Last year they also produced blooms, and it seems they'll do it again this year. When autumn comes, they have lost their leaves again. I repot them and on we go! I buy at least a new one each year, yes I'm addicted...
Yesterday was the last day of vacations, the one where I prepare everything for the week to come and finish as many projects as possible. The result is those pyjamas. I wanted some cotton ones, because it is so hot here. I wanted them to be bold too.

I've used McCall's M5769, view C for the top and view F for the pants. I'll make the robe when winter comes.
I chose this pattern because of the pockets: I need them to carry my IPod with me in the morning while I'm feeding all my assistants and cleaning the house before leaving for work :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day lillies

They are in full bloom in my garden. Although I am a day lilly serial killer: if something bad is going to happen to a plant here (too much weeding, broken stem, always by me), the victim is always a day lilly... And this is has been going on for several years, in fact since I planted my first day lilly. I don't know why, but this is a fact. I'm lucky they are so forgiving!
This one is not a day lilly, but an amaryllis. I put them outside for the summer and they like it.

Have a nice weekend all!


It started with the Art Queen Pennant Purse by Cece Grimes, found in Altered Coutures issue Spring 2007. And discarded black pants.

One back pocket became the lining pocket, with some decoration:

I've used one back side of the pants as it, for the front of the bag. The bottom of one leg became the back of the back, that I kept simple.

The "feathers" are triangles cut in leftovers.

The bougainvillea is courtesy of the garden.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer of Fun Block Party #2

Thank you all for your comments on the little black dress!
HubbleSpacepaws, you are right, the dress has a furry coat on it...
Lilly would be glad to go wherever the dress will. She is a very curious lady :-)
Why is there a 2001 calendar there? because I did not put it away properly :-). I use old calendars either to paint, or to protect my work table when I mark the fabric with Burda "carbon" sheet and the roller. Otherwise the wood is marked too... The calendar has been used a lot this week.
I did a lot of errands yesterday. Gathered them all on the same day, in fact. I've been away from home most of the time. When I came back, I still had some time for current Summer of Fun Block. One of my errands was to buy fabrics for the summer, for me and for my daughters (some surprises to them, in fact...). I bought one fabric that was not on my list, but it was tooooo beautiful, I could no resist. I'll show you soon!
Have a ncie day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little black dress V8574

Emilie found the V8574 dress pretty.
Why not. It is a Very Easy Vogue pattern. I should be able to follow the instructions...
Well, may be not:

It is difficult to read them with a cat on top.
But I had another very helpful assistant:(In case you wonder, Lilly waited until Osiris was away to come and help).
This dress requires some pressing.

Again, I was in trouble:
But I did it:

Only the bottom hem is not done.
This is really a little BLACK dress. In my opinion, it needs a lot of fancy jewelry.
Tomorrow, I'll go to the big town, to buy some fabrics, my garnment stash is empty!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer of Fun Block Pary 2009

I'm following Stitching Heaven on face Book and like their blocks. So I'll try to take part to their Summer of Fun Block Party

This morning I went through my stash and make this first block.

I don't know where this will lead me... but clearly, I had coffe, latte, americano, etc in my mind :-)

PS: When I finished writing this post, I went back to the box where I had put my fabrics and this first block, to protect them from some naughty cats. And when I closed the box, this I saw:
it was not deliberate, so I guess coffee is the theme of the day :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emilie's ruffles

asked for a dress with ruffles.

She has selected a nice black and white fabric. This is what I made of it:

Our plan was to have a large ruffle at the bottom, and a smaller one somewhere above it. So I started pining the second ruffle to find out where to put it. But I have doubts. This makes the dress more girly, even sophisticated. Which is nice in itself, but maybe too much for Emilie...
I guess I better wait until she comes home to make the final decision and the final seam.
I also have to wait for her to finish the back: I have to check the length of the straps.

This dress has been the excuse to buy feet for the sewing machine, one for narrow hems, and one for ruffles. I ordered them after reading a post by Wendy of West 38th . Making ruffles has become fun! Making narrow hems (over 24 meters for this dress...) is much easier, but not yet perfect.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Belly dance

I love my new chair, it makes sewing a pleasure. Choupette thanks you for your support. As for me, I could do without the cat hair customization on my pants... or having a fight each time I want to sew... :-)
Tonight, we had a short performance at an elderly home (not sure this is how you say it). They had their summer party, with an oriental theme. They ask us and three other groups to help for the animation. I'm not the lady in purple, I'm the one in red behind.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Always ready to help

This is my brand new sewing chair. Choupette is testing her for me...

Issey Miyake top - finished

The top is finished. Here are the pictures with a little wind ...
The leggings are done too. The leggings pattern will be used often, I think :-)
I've cut another dress, for Emilie this time. A longer version of this one. The fabric is a nice black and white batik. I've ordered two feets, one for the hems and one for gathering. Let's hope they work properly...

London, end

I'm glad you like my little tour to London. I forgot there are so many things to see and to do there. I was a bit frustrated to have to go home. Now that I know there is a shuttle, I'll go again, but probably not before September: all flights seem to be sold out, at least the one I could take. This is the garden behind the grid on the right of the inn.
This one was taken a few minutes after those of the Tower Bridge...

It is fun to find the same tower as in Barcelona (in the background). I like the mix of the old and new buildings. (the old buildings belong to the Tower of London).

The weather is gorgeous here. And I'm not working today...
Wish you all a happy Monday.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

London, continued

Neki told me to look for a bead shop in Neal's Yard. We arrived there too late for the beads, but we enjoyed this little place. It is hidden behind standard "grey" streets.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First pictures from London

This is a few yards away from the Tower bridge. Lovely isn't it?
Covent Garden, and the invisible man

I don't remember what it is...
More very soon!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

online class from downunder

If you are looking for a patchwork online class, visit Shirley's blog, she has some good offer!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Maggie Grey

Thank you again for the comments on the Issey Miyake top. When I stopped working on it yesterday, I had a few doubts, but I like it more and more.

I won't tell you how hard it is to go back to work today. But that pays for my creativity, doesn't it?

When I came home, the June issue of Workshop on the Web was available. In my opinion, it is a very good one. You can learn more about it here. I think I'll have a look at it many times in the coming weeks.