Sunday, May 20, 2012

Green Chai Cardi

The Green Chai Cardi found in 2011 Interweave Crochet Fall Issue is finished.
I "just" need to buy the buttons.
It is not completely true to the pattern, as I did not understand all the explanations for the sleeves, and I made a larger band at the neck.
I pretty satisfied with how it came out though, and the silk yarn was perfect for this pattern.
On the whole, it was fun, and rather quick to crochet.
DSC02869 DSC02870

PS: Thanks for your comments on the shorts. I was pleased I could make those and help my niece.
It was a joy to have them both, and the little man is smart and always smilling.
They went home yesterday, and the house is quite empty, I confess.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy, busy

Yes, I'm a bit busy right now, because my niece is visiting me. For a short week. With her 10 months old son. How can you resist a little boy always smilling at you? I can't. I spend my days smilling back at him.
Although we tried very hard, we could not find shorts for this little man. He is between two sizes.
As yesterday was very windy, we decided to stay home. While mother and son enjoyed the sun in a sheltered place in the garden, I went through my patterns and fabrics stash, and made those in the afternoon.
The white one is a serious one, in a jean fabrics, with pockets on the back. The other two are more fun. Some might say that wearing sun glasses is recommended :-)

The first one took me some time, in fact the time to figure how to combine two sizes in the same pattern. Once this was achieved, cutting and sewing was done in a few minutes.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Les Baux de Provence

Last weekend, Amandine and I went to Les Baux de Provence, a popular outing for many people all year through.
We started with the show in the cave. To preserve copyright, I did not take pictures of the show itself. Just of one entry, and of the inside between two shows, to give you an idea of the size.

DSC02828 DSC02833
The show consists of an animated slide show, projected on the walls of the cave, with music. You are inside the painting and where ever you turn your head, there is something to watch. This year is dedicated to Van Gogh and Gaugin, and it is fabulous.

Then, we wandered through the village itself.
There is an exhibition about Santons, the little scultpures we put in the crib at Christmas, or, for the dressed ones, as all year decoration.
I think those came from Italy, and were very old.
Those are traditional ones. DSC02841
And this one is to show how the dressed santons are made.
Let's finish with a few doors:
DSC02848 DSC02847 

You can see a previous post about Les Baux de Provence here
We went there on the very same weekend (1st of May). Three years ago, it was hot and sunny. Last weekend was chilly, windy and cloudy...