Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shoes addict? Maybe...

Hello to all!

How was your week?
I did not make any progress on the abstract front, but the next challenge easier to play with.
Alisa challenged us to take pictures of our feet...
While I wear comfortable plain shoes to run between home and the bus station, and between the bus station and the office,  I'm more creative inside the building. It is even my pleasure to choose the shoes I'll be wearing. And the clothes to go with them.

Those Converse are the first fancy shoes I bought. Until then, comfort was the main criterium. Because money was a tight. Then life became easier, and more fun. They mark the turning point.
My shoes express my mood, and also remind me that I'm blessed to have a good life.

I hope yours is as good.
Take care!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Abstract, me ?

you must be kidding!
Alisa Burke invited us to go abstract. Starting with ramdom patches of colors, adding doodles, highlights, etc.
I find it very, very hard. The first four pictures are the four stages of my abstraction. In as many days. And I'm going nowhere! To the point that I ended emptying and cleaning a closet tonight, instead of going abstract... When you know my dislike of cleaning, you realize how bad my abstraction is... I really can't let go. Sigh...

However, when I look at the last current stage, I have flashes from Uluru. So maybe I'll end with something after all...
Another challenge was to let the paint drip. Much more comfortable and fun. On Sunday, I had this.
On Monday, while walking to work, I saw that bird flying over me. Right in the middle of the city. It inspired this little sketch. I'm not satisfied with the result, too dark, too heavy, but I like it anyway. I'll use that technique again, for sure.
What are you doing right now? I hope that it makes you happy, whatever it is.

P.S. Drop by Susan. She is writing about her Christmas in Paris, and you'll love her posts.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Create Daily - machine doodling

For those who may wonder, this is my glass feather:

On the first day, Alisa made us gather ordinary objects that can be turned into something creative. Just to realize that you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy creating.
I had been cleaning my drawers, and was going to throw away a lot of old papers, broken pens, etc...You get the idea.
Instead, I kept those treasures, in particular an old metro map from Paris.
Perfect background for a doodling.
I "glued" it to a fabric using bondaweb, added some Angelina fiber.
My sewing machine was threaded, ready to be used. I could not resist the urge, and here it is:A Tour Eiffel.

I hope your evening has been as creative as mine...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Create Daily with Alisa Burke

Alisa Burke proposes a new "light" online class: Create Daily. This is my first class with Alisa, and I think I'll like it.
The class aims at showing us, busy women, that there is always a few minutes to be creative, with everyday objects.

In her last post, Alisa proposed to use a pen ball to do some doodling. Well, great idea.
I'm sending some item to my daughter, and thought the enveloppe was a bit blank. What about some doodling? But why make it simple when you can add some zest? I've been given a beautiful glass feather for my birthday, and inks for Xmas, so I grabbed my feather and my inks, and here is the result.


What a good feeling to have spent a few minutes "creating"!
I wish you evening is as happy as mine.
Take care.