Sunday, September 25, 2011


Thank you all for the comments on the scarf. The second is already progressing nicely.
Remington, have you ever considered knitting your hair???
Houndstooth, too bad we live so far apart, I'm sure we had a lot to share. I would trade some knitting with the pleasure of walking one of your furkids :-)

Speaking of knitting, on Friday, I went to purchase some ready-made binding, and came back with those skeins (in addition to the binding.)
On Satturday, I had made this
So I went back to purchase those
and now I've made this
You can find the pattern and explanation here. It is a really quick project, fun to knit.

Update on the drinking problem:
This is Billy, the latest addition to the family, whom Choupette is training. Isn't he cute? (but frankly, I hope he won't develop all the obessions Choupette has about drinking).

I wish you all a fantastic week.As for me, I must go: those are waiting for me...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poncho, jacket or scarf?

In fact, the three in one!
I've just finished the first of a possible long series.
You can wear it as a poncho, or you can form two arms and wear it as a jacket, or just wrap it around you.
I'm sure there are even more ways to wear it.
It weights almost nothing, and it is warm.

I have already started another one, orange/pink, for my second daughter. And I think I deserve one too, don't you think?

Have all a very nice day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I'm surprised some of you have never eaten figs, I thought they were going all around the world. I wish I could share mine with you. For me, eating a fig is the symbol of how good life can be.

9/11 is the symbol of how quick a disaster can happen, and how sudden death and sorrow can appear. I hardly can watch the images on TV, and cannot imagine the feelings of the persons all around the world who suffered of the consequences, and still do. All my thoughts are with them.

Take care!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Honey, Houndstooth, some people say Eve did not tempt Adam with an apple but with a fig. When you eat a purple one, you must agree with this statement, And you understand Adam could only give in... My figs are not the best ever, but Eating them direct from the tree, in the evening, when they are full of the day's sun is like heaven! Nikki, I'm not sure there are still enough figs for a,other batch, we may have to wait for spring....
I'm please to inform you that Choupette and I are best friends again... Maybe because I've purchased some kitty milk, just for her. She seems to love it, a drink with some texture...
You are all right, our pets deserve to get spoiled, for all the love they give us.
Houndstooth, Choupette reminds me a lot of your senior hound dog. We have the same kind of conversations...

The weekend has been hot, with a lot of moisture in the air. I've finished painting the entrance. Between the paint and the wet air, one door has swollen so much I can't close it... It was already difficult before the painting, now it is impossible. I'll let things dry a little before looking into other options... Although it did not turn out like I imagined (never trust a seller who does not show you the actual texture of the paint), I like the result. I expected a sandy, smooth paint, I have a sandy irregular paint. But it does add interest to the walls. It is calling for some more work before I show you pictures. In fact, there are two patchworks I've been longing to do for ages, and they would be great on those walls. As soon as I have the time, I'll make one of them.

In the meantime, I looked into the last issue of Saveurs. Yummy as usual. One recipe was very appealing, because I have a fig tree, and it reaches the end of its season, and I have a daughter who loves goat cheese and figs.
If I were smart, I'd taken the pictures with the actual ingredients, at the beginning of the recipe, but  well... In truth, you take a bottle of Gewurztraminer (not an empty one as in the pic), you add sugar and spices and bring it to a boil, then you add about 15 small green figs, and you let then cook for one hour, at a very low temperature. Your home feels like Xmas...

at the end you get that:
Figs ready to be eaten with goat cheese (even without the cheese, they taste good!). They can be kept for several weeks.

I wish you a very good week. Take care!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Drinking problem, comments

Yes ladies, you are right:
She is spoiled,
She wants me to just cooperate,
She makes me laugh,
I love her, and she loves me, no doubt of that,
And although I long for a day without all the drinking drama starting at the second I leave my bed, I also dread that day, because she would have crossed the bridge...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drinking problem

It's not me, but my cat Choupette, who has a drinking problem. She always had. She just can't drink simply. She must make it a drama. She'll disregard any dish with fresh water, and will insist to drink from the faucet of her choice. Not always the same. Possibly, from all the faucets in a row. She is also picky. At some times, the vet and I put her on med during the summer to make sure she'd be thirsty enough to drink enough. That was after she was very sick from not drinking... she'd drink from other weird places too, so I've learnt not to leave my glass unattended...

Since she is 16, I do my best to cope with that. From the moment I put a foot in the bathroom, I knew this was going to be one drama day. She drank from the faucet upstairs, from the water remaining from my shower (I made sure it was clean and soapfree), I filled her upstairs dish, the one that looks like a swimming pool. Then we went downstairs to the kitchen. She had her wet food, another dish of fresh water, one of milk. All that before preparing my own breakfast.

I was in my couch, almost finished with said breakfast when I needed to fetch something from the kitchen. When I came back, she had tried to drink from my high and narrow glass. Of course, her face did not fit in it, and she could not reach the water. Instead, she poured that half empty glass directly into the paper bag where I keep my alpaga yarns and wip scarf... Amazing how much water a half empty glass contains. While I tried to save the contents, she was quite happy to lick the droplets that fell on the floor. Was very excited when I emptied the paper bag outside, and drank from the puddle there. And when I told her how annoyed I was, she answered with very rude meows. Silly beast!

When I finally left she was still trying to make me feel guilty... After all, it was only water, not soda, and yarns, not my Ipad, so why should I complain?...

I hope that you and I won't have worst things to deal with today! Be appy and take care!