Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Camden Stables Market

We spent a lovely time in Camden, especially in the Stables Market. 
You can read more here
If I were living in London, I think I'd go in Camden quite often. The shops are very inspiring, and the people were friendly. The snow added a touch of magic. And so did the horses. See by yourselves:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

London, the fun part 1

The trip to London was far from bad, on the whole.
And I still consider we were very lucky to come home so quickly.

I met Amandine at the airport, and Emilie met us at Saint Pancras, since she took the Eurostar to come from Paris. Aren't they lovely?
It was already cold, and snowy. But in fact, I loved that, I miss the bad weather of the North of France, as weird as it can sound :-)
Our main problem on that day was to find a place for lunch. We saw several nice pubs, but they were all holding corporate XMas parties! But at the end, we found one table. 
Look what I found in Carnaby Street! You can't see them, but they have heels.
Frankly, I could not resist those either (but I did not buy the matching bag due to Ryanair luggage restrictions... sigh...)
I think it is Picadilly Circus, not sure though...
We made the most of our first day. Our hotel was at Saint Pancras, just across the road, in Argyle Square. Very nice and cosy, and warm. Amandine and I felt asleep before our head touched the pillow :-) Emilie lasted a bit longer. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My horoscope said

You may decide that this is the perfect day to spend hibernating -- all cuddled up with a good friend or a sweetheart. Well, why not? Rent some videos, cook some comfort food and make the world go away. You've certainly earned it.

That is what we did on Saturday. Kind of...
This is Amandine, my daughter coming home from a 13-months trip in Australia and Asia. I went to London to welcome her, and bring her a coat and shoes.

This is me. Cuddled...
Yes, this is the floor, the floor of Stansted airport from where we were supposed to fly home that evening.
The good part is that it was nicely warm in the airport, with no video, but live show all the night through.

We were lucky, with the help of Amandine's father, we managed to climb into a Eurostar  to Paris. I was rather eager to see the tunnel but I did not. I don't know why. Amandine thinks this is the reason why...


To make a long story short, it took us two days instead of two hours to reach home. And I think we did it in good conditions. And quickly...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's brag...

This is the time of year when the company gathers to share all their achievements.
This always starts by honoring the long-time employees. I was one of those. Here is my diploma by the French Ministry of Work, with my medal, and the flowers I received. Add two kisses on the cheeks by the big boss, and some nice vouchers to spend on Hight-tech or videos.DSC01763

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Fine Romance

Your comments on the doll have been very appreciated. Thank you!

Although the snow did not reach my place, this has been a cold weekend. I was almost ready to go for a walk, though, when I heard the hunters shooting, so I decided to stay home instead. 
I had received the Dec 2012/Jan 2011 issue of Stitch, and found this nice little project by Janet Humphrey.
It was fun finding the right laces for the background, and the matching beads or sequins. And preparing a nice cup of tea, for me to drink and for the Noel motif to dye.
No dyeing for this one. 
Below the grumpy heart-shaped cat, you can see an example of the original project.
This look means "Stop playing on Internet, woman, go to the kitchen and fill my plate!"

I wish you all a good week. Take care!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cloth dolls

I had hoped to take pictures in the natural light, but that was not to be, too much rain.
I think I found the pattern in Quilting Arts, Xmas special issue.
They are fun to make, and can be made from tiny bits of fabrics.

Friday, December 3, 2010


As I was driving home yesterday, I heard the night was going to be really cold.
Yes indeed. It is rare to see the garden all white, but this is the second time this week.

Choupette's answer to the frozen birds bath:
Osiris's answer to the cold outside
and this is the update from the amaryllis. 
Keep all warm for the weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amaryllis and WIP

Its been a long time since I found the time to blog in the middle of the week, isn't it?
The amaryllis deserve this post: Look at them.
I know the leaves usually come after the stems, but it is the first time the stems and flowers are so developped, without any leaf at all. Besides, the one on the right has 3 stems. But I won't complain about that!

Not only did I find the time to blog, but even to do some applique:

I hope your week is as good as mine. Take care.