Thursday, November 22, 2012


thanksgiving to US friends!

Monday, November 19, 2012

ITO top bis

Hi to all
I think I have fixed the problem with the image...

Typist, doors are very important, in my opinion. When I decided to start works on my house, I started with the front door. Quite a symbol, I think. Beginning of a new life, kind of
Nikkipolani, given how creative your cats are at the moment, keeping them out of the room seems the right idea, but they must be mad at you.
Startare, as I said, I think I fixed the bug. Remember, we have to have a coffee someday... Will you come to Vents du Sud on Nov 27th?
Bunny, tell your Mom the Xmas picture is OK :-)

We have a sunny Monday here, like it, especially since I have the day off :-)

Take care!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ITO top

A couple of weeks ago, I've started this top for me. I'm amazed by how far one single ball goes. I've just finished the first one, it makes almost 20 cm high...
This is ITO Sensai yarn, from Japan, bought in Berlin. One ball is 20 gr, for 262 yards, 40% silk, 60% mohair.
I can't start to describe the touch. Warm, light, gorgeous.

Apart from this knitting, I'm following Alisa Burke Xmas creative course, and enjoying it. Perfect to get into the Xmas mood.
What are you working on for the moment?

Whatever you are doing, I hope it makes you happy.
Have a nice week, and take care!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oller del Mas

The last time I went to Barcelona, we decided to spend a few hours out of town. As the weather forecast was not the best, we decided to keep Montserrat itself for another occasion, but headed to its neighborhood.
You can see Montserrat in the background, and a vineyard in the foreground. This is part of Oller del Mas winery. This winery goes back to the 10th century, and has always been the property of the same family. The castle has been destroyed by Napoleon, the vineyard by phylloxera. So the winery was no more. Until the present owner decided to re-create it, slowly, using the best of the ancient practises and present knowledge to produce a bio-ethical wine. At the same time, he rebuild the castle, with modern techniques, but keeping the ancient look. The rooms in this castle host events such as weddings.

  High quality equipment has been set up, to make the best of the vineyard.
However, nothing replaces oak.
Such a tour would not be perfect without some tasting...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Quilt Diva - Fused

I hope you all had a safe Halloween.
The rain has kept the treat or trickers away. Too bad, I'll have to eat all the bonbons...
In the meantime, this lady keeps going. She is all fused, except for her (3D) pincushion.
Next step, some machine button hole stitches...
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