Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello to all!

The sarong skirt and top have been received, and she likes them.
The bento kit has been received, and she likes it too.
My blog had the visits from two and four-leggers who left such nice comments.
Life is good... :-)

Here is what should be the last baby item for some time (but who knows). It can be worn either with the buttons in the front or in the back, depending of the mother's mood.

Summer is here. The sun and the heat are here too.
I saw this post by Vicki, of Field Trips in Fiber. And I had to give it a try:

It is a rather quick project. Note the "rather" because it requires a little care, but it is really fun, may be just because of that. Anyway, if you don't know Vicki's blog yet, do pay her a visit. She is a great fiber artist, as well as a bird watcher.

This a a three-days weekend again, I love those weekends, one day to rest, two days for fun.
The next one will be even more fun, but more on that later.
Have all a great week and take care!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rosemary has a giveaway

Rosemary makes lovely cards and is giving a set away. So do visit her and leave a comment!

Fighting UFO

Thank you all for your comments on the bento kit. I hope my daughter will like it too! it was fun to make.
Now I just need to make one for me...
Have you noticed that I have many doggies visitors? They are most welcome. Visiting their blog is my way of coping with not having one dog...

Nothing much to share this week.
Windows has updated my PC this weekend, with the result that it was almost impossible to start any program on it. Especially if it implied going on the web. By luck I still had a working backup and lost nothing. But it took me quite a few hours to sort. Arghhh.
I was a bit nervous as I saw that Windows was installing some updates again, but this time, they worked fine. Relief!

No more UFO, that's the mood I'm in.
Technically, this was not an UFO, since the baby is not yet here. Officially, still one month to go. But those items have been on my table for several weeks, and it was time that they were put away.
A last picture before going to the post office.

I'm working on a jacket for another baby. Then I'll start quilting the Japanese dolls.
It is always a pleasure to see an item disappearing from the to do list :-)

Another reason that I don't have much to show is that I'm reading a wonderful book. I open it whenever I can, like I do with a novel or a thriller. I needed a sewing techniques book, but which one?
Erica of Erica B'S - DIY Style made a review of Couture Sewing Techniques , by Claire B. Shaeffer.
I'm very impressed by Erica's work, its high quality and style. Since her review on the book was very good, I decided to buy it.
Not only I'm glad I did, but I highly recommend it.
First, this is not about sewing, this is about couture, explained to the average seamstress.
Secondly, it is well written. Did I mention I find myself reading it from beginning to end, just as I would do with a thriller?
It is really a pleasure, and it is full of good techniques. The explanations are easy to understand. I mean, they are precise, with drawings. I read the words, look at the drawing, and I understand what they mean. This is not always the case with patterns explanations...
I really love that book so I wanted to share it with you. Before leaving you and jumping back to my couch and my book :-)
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lunch kit

I'm converting my daughters to the bento box pleasure.
Daughter #1 chose one picnic bento box, that is a rather large one, because she loves salad for her lunch.
So I thought she could need a lunch kit.

Thanks to the knots on the side, the bag can expand as necessary.

I made a little bottle holder, like the ones I saw in Australia.
Both items are interfaced with some insulating material, upcycled from some package I received.

I found the insipiration for the place mat in the Summer 2011 Stitch special issue.
The leaf is in fact a pocket to hold the fork and knive. It can be wrapped around itself.

All items are made with upcycled material from my stash.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Amandine left a sarong with me, for me to sew a wrap skirt, ideally a circle wrap skirt. Since the sarong had a rectangular print, it was not to be. But still, I wanted to make her wrap skirt, preferably with some zest.
I reviewed all my patterns, and I found one by Parfum du Ciel. If you browse (click Feuilleter) the book on Amazon, this is the skirt of page 6. Here is my version:

There were some fabric left, either too much, or not enough. Too much to just put it away, not enough for a sophisticated top. More thinking, and then, I remembered this

I don't know who made it, my grand-mother, my mother, my sister??? While the embroidery is beautiful, the construction is quite simple. And here it is:


Now I only have tiny bits left...

Amandine, you father came to fetch your things a bit too early to take the skirt and the top with him, but I'll mail them to you asap.