Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello to all!

The sarong skirt and top have been received, and she likes them.
The bento kit has been received, and she likes it too.
My blog had the visits from two and four-leggers who left such nice comments.
Life is good... :-)

Here is what should be the last baby item for some time (but who knows). It can be worn either with the buttons in the front or in the back, depending of the mother's mood.

Summer is here. The sun and the heat are here too.
I saw this post by Vicki, of Field Trips in Fiber. And I had to give it a try:

It is a rather quick project. Note the "rather" because it requires a little care, but it is really fun, may be just because of that. Anyway, if you don't know Vicki's blog yet, do pay her a visit. She is a great fiber artist, as well as a bird watcher.

This a a three-days weekend again, I love those weekends, one day to rest, two days for fun.
The next one will be even more fun, but more on that later.
Have all a great week and take care!


Vicki W said...

Cool! Let me know if there was anything confusing or wrong in the directions so I can fix it for future readers.

houndstooth said...

What a sweet little sweater!

You asked why I liked the Bento kit so much. I like it because it's unusual, pretty and practical. It's hard to find things around here to take your lunch to work with that aren't either really little kid oriented or are just really plain. Life's too short for boring lunches! ;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The baby sweater is so sweet with those tiny buttons. I know Mom will appreciate it. Now this is a great visor for anyone out in the sun. I wear a hat very similar.

Anonymous said...

I love love loved that sarong skirt and your inventiveness with it. So not surprised that it was well-received!

Remington said...

Great job with the sweater! Very nice!

George The Lad said...

Cute Sweater, mom can't knit, which in my book is good, she would have me wearing knitted coats!!!
But I do like to wear a Bandanny when she remembers to put one on me!!! she makes them ;)
Have a good week
and thanks for your visit
See Yea George xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Veronique - finally had a chance to pop round for a visit! :-) Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my blog recently!

My human is very jealous of all your knitting talents because she is useless with anything like that - she can't even sew a button on straight! :-)

Honey the Great Dane