Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glass blower

Still in El Poble Espanyol, I saw these strange molds on a wall:
I suppose they are used to mold glass.
While we were there, this gentleman was demonstrating his craft.
He could make a horse in just a few seconds from a glowing drop of glass. Amazing. It looks so easy, but I'm sure it is hard work.
Have all a nice week!


Unknown said...

Amazing! I love watching craftsmen work like that! I remember when we visited Venice many years ago - and being fascinated watching the Venetian glassblowers working in their workshops!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand how the molds work... the hot glass is poured into these things?

Unknown said...

I'm always amazed by their skills! They are artists!

Remington said...

Great talent!

startare said...

Un peu déroutée par le nouveau look de ton blog! Très classe et moderne, mais je suis tellement conservatrice...
Bon souvenir de Barcelone à travers tes photos.
A samedi