Sunday, October 7, 2007


Nikkipolani, I'm a bit stuborn :-) William Morris was part of an order I've made with another lady. She knows everything and can't bear that a plant does not obey her wishes. As it is very hot here, and windy too, roses do not feel comfortable. And the other lady was always complaining that David Austeen roses are not worth their price. The bad girl in me wanted to prove her wrong. My opinion is that you must give plants time. And it is what I did, I gave William Morris some time, and I'm glad I did.

Wicked Gardener, I will show you pictures of the yucca. They are growing at high speed, but this week I left home before there was light enough, and came back too late to make pictures. I'll make some this weekend.

Thank you Mumm and JoWynn. I'm glad you've enjoyed the vegs and the tour in the garden.

Blackswanp Girl, I will definitively keep the egg plant! I like it a lot, and the middle seam was too difficult to make to throw it away (5 trials to sew 2 cm..., because of the biais, the pies would not go where I wanted them to go...)

ZQuilts, I agree with you, David Austeen roses are beautiful, and Rose De Rescht is a beauty on itself. I lile also roses by Meilland, a French grower.
Thank you Lisa and Jhoaniquing for your kind comment. Euh, what does TLC means ? I'm sure it is obvious, but I just cannot find the meaning ;-)
Aiyana, I'll have another rose for next week... Don't get me wrong, my garden is not full of roses because it is too hot for them here, but I do have some nice ones. And Aiyana, your blog surprises me everytime I drop by. You seem to have a forest of cactii :-)
Thank you Sisah for your comment on fabrics vegs. I don't know which is easier, growing or sewing ...

Hugs to all


Anonymous said...

Vero, TLC stands for Tender Loving Care :-) I loved looking at your colorful stitch sampler.

gunnelsvensson said...

Vero, I think I say YES, and thought the sew sommerset was really good!

Wicked Gardener said...

Let me know when you have the yucca pics - I'd love to see them. Thanks!