Sunday, October 21, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

As I came home Friday night, the garden was craving for some water. Usually, September and October bring some rain, but this year they have not. And the wind has been blowing since Thursday, making the drought even worse.
And on Satturday, the temperatures dropped a lot, showing clearly that Autumn is setting in.
I've emptied some containers whose flowers were not longer blooming and brought some inside.
It was a bit depressing, drought, wind, cold and no more flowers.
By luck this one is still glorious. The picture was taken a couples of day ago. It is in the front garden. The house you see is that of my neighbor.

Cortaderia selloana
Green Thumb Sunday
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PS: For me, it is a Pampa grass, but I was not sure that it was the same in English. Aiyana from Water When Dry gave me the answer in the comment she left: it is a Pampa grass. Thank you Aiyana!

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Aiyana said...

Do you call Cortaderia selloana
Pampas Grass as we do here? Your plants look quite stately. Nice photo.
Happy GTS,

Mark said...

I have this at my wildlife garden at my work place.I was given it after a friend no longer wanted it in their garden.\the fluffy heads provide nesting material foe sparrows and finches in the spring, it is interesting watching them pull it off.

Momgen said...

I see like that here. Thats cool...

Anonymous said...

This is a popular plant in farmhouse garden. We have it in the entrance to our farm. The birds love it and I'm sure my guinea fowl try to nest at the bottom of it. Sara from farmingfriends

Anonymous said...

Like you, we are hoping for rain, more so now since hot dry Santa Ana winds are fueling fires.