Saturday, October 13, 2007


Thursday was a graduation for Emilie. In Marseilles this time (she had a first graduation day at another school, in the Middle of France, two years ago). For this special occasion, I took the afternoon off, and we decided to have lunch in Marseilles.
So here were are. I had not forgotten that she looks that much like her father :-) After lunch, we took a walk. We went only to the very center of Marseilles so there are only a few pictures.
Marseilles is a very old city, and those two pictures show you ruin found right in the middle of the city. They made a garden around them.
This year, we have a cow parade in Marseilles. This one represents all the villages that make the city. It stands at the old harbour.
And this is a view of the old harbour.

This church faces the old harbour. I did not alter the color of the sky, by the way. Behind the old harbour are a lot of small streets, with restaurants or shops. It was taken in the middle of the afternoon, so it is a bit empty.
Another place to relax.
Then it was time to go to the ceremony. Unfortunately, my camera did not work properly, so I have no picture to show you. They have tried to make it modern, so between the speeches, or when the students walked to the scene, they played some music. Amazingly it was disco. I had not expected Donna Summer or the Bee Gees to be there :-)


allie aller said...

I love seeing France through your eyes, Vero...thanks for the tour of Marseilles!
Congratulations to your beautiful daughter as well...

Dy said...

Marseilles looks like a wonderful place. I love the colours of the buildings and the little streets look like fabulous places for a little wander around.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images of Marseilles! And nice to see you at last :-)

Kylee Baumle said...

Such a beautiful and romantic country!