Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Diane and Angelcat, thanks for commenting. I went to our patch meeting yesterday, and all the ladies were eager to see the lettuce, they were sure it would not look good, because there is so much green in it (understand me, they did not question my skills, but they gave the lettuce a try too, and found the result boring). I was rather proud of myself to show the result :-) They had forgotten my attraction to bright colors, and I think those bright patches bring some interest. And this way they did not see that I had to fight with the seams :-)

For those interested, I have added my email under Contact me at the top of the page. Just can't figure how to put it on the side, not in the middle. By the way, Mary-Anne, I could not find your email ...
Thank you Mary-Anne and Annica!
Snappy and Wurzel, my canna is in pot right now, but I plan to put it in the soil next spring, and to add some, preferably with a red or a variegated foliage.
Snappy, I'm a bit sad we lost, but that's life. What I miss is the joy of the people after a victory. I'm not interested in ball plays in general, but I was having dinner out the night we became soccer champions (I agree, ages ago), and it was very touching to see the reaction of all the people in town. This happens again before and after the matches right now, and it would have been fun if ...
Zquilts, I'm in the part of France where it never rains (almost) :-) That helps to have a beautiful autumn, but that kills the plants in summer. And I felt guilty the three years before this, for not doing much in the garden. The blog community is a great help in that respect, very incentive :-)
To all, it is the first time I see a mantis like this one. Once again, seeing your beautiful pictures of wildlife made me more attentive.
It is funny, I blog in English, not in French, and I have the opportunity to speak German too, I'm too lucky!

Have a good evening all!

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