Monday, October 29, 2007


First, all my excuses for having written canna instead of yucca. I think the next canna picture will have to wait until spring.
And a big thank you to all visitors, I'm always so glad to see you drop by.

Annica, Arlee and Angelcat, thanks for your comments about the workshop. I found some black fabric today, and I sewn the binding. Just a few stitching to close it, and I will be able to make a picture. But as it requires daylight, I may have to wait until Thurdsay...

Thanks too for the comments about TAST. Annica, I knew you'd appreciate the idea :-)
More seriously, I liked this mosaic a lot, though I took me some time to realize what it was. When I opened my map to find my road, it became obvious.
JoWynn, the fabrics are leftovers, the black one comes from a pant that was too long, and the blue is a leftover of commercial felt.

I hope you are all well !

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Anonymous said...

Now that you say yucca, I recognize the blooms -) I thought you'd come across an amazingly white canna!