Monday, October 15, 2007

I love weekends

... espacially those that last three days, like this one :-)

First, I want to thank you for the kind comments you have left on my blogs. I do appreciate them, and like many of you I'm glad to belong to this community!

This has been a quiet weekend, with a beautiful weather. My daughter was there, but she went out in the evenings to meet friends and came early in the mornings. So she has been sleeping most of the time. Leaving me plenty of free time for textile art.

At last, I've had some time to read Stitch. And the cracker inside was a good opportunity to see how the new machine does free embroidery. It is not finished yet, I have to put some embellishments. I like to make "lace" with hydrosoluble. So this is the first step,
and the result when the hydrosoluble is gone. In Stitch, they use soluble paper. But I think this one may be better: you can dissolve the hydrosoluble just enough to have the lace effect, and still have a stiff effect. I hope I will work on it next weekend. And more important, I love this machine, especially the possibility to select three sewing speeds. And to have the needle down anytime I stop pressing the pedal, with the foot lifted just enough to turn the fabric. My second priority for this weekend was sewing this lettuce. Quite a challence, especially as I drew the pattern on a support, and then cut the bits from that support. In fact, this produces defaults, small defaults, but added together, they end making a big one. The last seam was a bit difficult to achieve. So ladies, if you are sewing on paper and read in the instructions "photocopy", do photocopy :() Anyway, I like it. next vegetable is an artichocke. With curved seams too. I really must be insane to do that.
And the last picture for today is the TAST challenge, with the Lace Border Stitch. It looks complex but it is fun to do, and far more easier as it looks.


mzjohansen said...

Oh that is really wonderful lace ! Thanks for posting these photos ! I have wanted to try this technique - and maybe now I will ! ALso, have tried to reply to some of your nice comments to me - but the emails get kicked back for some reason when I try through Blogger - would you mind giving me your email address?

Alis Clair said...

The cracker is looking great. You have inspired me to have a go now instead of just looking at the mag ;0)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm liking the lace! It's one of the many things on my 'to-try' list...might have to bump it up nearer to the top after seeing yours.
I'm having the same problem as "zquilts" and can't respond to your comments on my blog..would you share your email address with me too?
Mary Anne (also known as MA, and/or Magpie)

Annica said...

Your lace is gorgeous! I love it!

Dianne said...

The lace piece s great!! And the lettuce looks good enough to eat.

Angela said...

The cracker looks great, and the lettuce has turned out great. But I really love how you used that beautiful stitch in the TAST challenge!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so pleased to find your blog. I so admire people that can do such sewing projects. I went so far as to purchase a sewing machine several years ago but have never taken the time to actually make something.

I love the lettuce. All the curves must be difficult.