Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vegetables finished

To my daughters: don't read this post!

I've finished them at last. My first intend was to make one single wallhanging, but:

  • I have two daughters,

  • the backgrounds did not fit together.

So I've made two wall hangings. They will make two Xmas gifts, among others. The good thing is that they are small enough for my daughters to take them home, and to hang them in their small flats.

I've started packing my XMas gift this morning.
This one will find a new home at my sister's

It is from a pattern by Beth Ferrier, from Applewood Farm publications. I made sure the cats were away while this quilt was been photographed. But Choupette must have a sixth sense. She appeared out of nowhere at that precise moment...

And this one will be for her daughter:
It was a model by Magic Patch, dedicated to FME beginners, and it was indeed my first try at FME.

The parcels are ready, but I hesitate to bring them to the post office. The mail was on strike one day this week, and the trains have been for about one week, and this strike is not over yet. So I'm afraid the mail cannot be forwarded properly. I'll have some postcards ready tonight too, but with the same question, shall I post them or wait? I'll listen to the news, and will see if I have mail today.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your lucky girls. Gorgeous hangings and quilt.

I think you should post!. :)

allie aller said...

Glorious work here, Vero!!! That quilt for your sister is a real stunner, too.
I would wait on the mails until the strikes calm down...definitely.

My Chutney Garden said...

What lovely work you do! Your girls are very lucky to have such a creative Mum. It must be very satisfying to see the tangible creation of beauty. I, too, am owned by two felines.
It was a real pleasure stopping by your site.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful gifts. Your family are lucky and the work is very creative. sara from farmingfriends

Sisah said...

Das sind wundervolle Geschenke, Deine Töchter und Deine Schwester werden sich sicherlich freuen. Der Wandbehang nach dem Applewood Farm Publications gefällt mir besonders gut, wie lange arbeitest Du an so etwas Diffizilem??

Aiyana said...

They are all gorgeous, but I especially like the green veggies, and the modern art one. The pattern and colors are just wonderful,

Conni said...

Vero, your quilts are stunning! I love your design sense and the colors you chose!

JoWynn Johns said...

I love all the gifts you've shown us, but especially the vegetable wall hangings. They are stunning, mounted as you've done. It's all wonderful work.