Sunday, November 18, 2007


Thank you for your kind comments about the weathers.

It is both unusual and usual.

I mean, in this part of France, the weather is mainly beautiful. But we have the Mistral, a wind that blows from the North, that can reach 100 km/hm and over. It is very cold, even in summer. But it rarely cuts the power off. And when it is blowing, the shy is bright blue, with no cloud. So it was a surprise to see the clouds gathering by noon, and the snow falling, and that densely. On the other hand, although snow is rare here, it is not unusual that it falls in November. It will stay for a couple a days, and then we don't see any for the rest of the winter.

This time it did not even reach my garden, and when I went back to the office on Friday, it was gone there too. The cold has remained though, but it is much colder in the rest of France than here. I have worked in my garden yesterday, and in the sun, it was quite pleasant.

Thursday was really a crazy day: it is very dry, and a forest was burning while the snow was falling. I think the firemen were happy that the snow had replaced the Mistral. The fire did not last.

Green Thumb Sunday

Anyway, there is not much left in the garden.

The yucca is still doing its best:

You might like the lavender. It is doing great, certainly it did not realize winter is here...
And inside, this is the amaryllis I had bought in September, in Marseille. Two stems on the same bulb, isn't it gorgeous? It is so big that I had to tie it to another plant to prevent it from falling.

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I wish you all a nice weekend.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your lavender is so big! I don't have that kind of luck with lavender and I love to make the lavender wands to put in with the linens and just to have around the house. I have to raid my daughters garden or any other unsuspecting gardener I know that has the lavender. :)

The amarylis is so pretty. I am already approaching the need to see more color and we aren't in to winter yet.

this said...

I am growing the same sort of lavender and now I'm a tad worried about how big it is going to get LOL. It's all good.
Lovely flower.

Linda said...

Your amarylsis is gorgeous. Nothing blooming in my garden but I have some lovely Christmas cactus in bloom in the house.

Barbara said...

I also have this sort of lavender...but only in a pot. It isn't winter hardy here, so I have to shelter it near the house. BTW I bought a pink amaryllis some weeks ago, but it started to bloom has also two stems and finally white blooms! Never mind! I like white blooms too! En dehors, dans le jardin il n'y a plus beaucoup de fleurs, l'hivers est proche. On a eu déjà un peu de neige et il fait froid. Malheureusement les travaux dans le jardin ne sont pas encore terminés. Hélas...
Bon dimanche!

Julie said...

It is so odd to me that northern gardens go away in the winter!!! I am in south Florida and everything pretty much stays the same all year long, but...I am realizing that this would be a great time to clean out and make new every year. I am so lazy, I wouldn't do it on my own...I would have to be forced by weather! Sadly! (I'm pitiful)!!!
Love your amaryllis and lavender!!

Aiyana said...

Your amaryllis is gogeous, and the lavendar quite lush.
Our high today will be 86 degrees F. It's still too warm for winter flowers, and the summer ones are gone, so nothing much is happening in my garden either.
Happy GTS,

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty splendid lavender, Vero. And such bright cheerful colors your amaryllis must bring to your home!

Sisah said...

Looking at your photos I can hardly believe you had snow...on the other hand the plants you are showing are very hardy even in this part of nothern Germany ...or is it a special kind of lavender? Your amaryllis is really stunning, mine only starts blossoming in did so last year anyway, I hope it will do so again.
I can remember the mistral very well when we had our holidays in Langeudoc-Roussillon at the seaside...ages ago.

The Diva said...

Thank you for you Green Thumb post. This is the first time I've visited your blog, and I've enjoyed it.

Kylee Baumle said...

Oh, that amaryllis is a gorgeous shade of red and I can't wait until I've got some blooming here. January should be a wonderful amaryllis month in our house!

Anonymous said...

The amaryllis is stunning. The colour is vibrant. sara from farmingfriends