Friday, November 23, 2007

A little bag

Yesterday was a most satisfactory day. Many items of my to-do list have been crossed. I like this feeling of having achieved my goals, whatever they are.
I've had made this embroidery some months ago, just because I found it cute. And yesterday, I thought it would made a nice bag for another niece. I made it very simple, as you can see. I hope she will enjoy it.

he strikes are over, the trains are on time again, so there was no problem to post all my parcels today. And I was lucky enough to go to the desk of the nice man at the post office. He is always patient, smiling, and tries to find the best solution for sending parcels abroad. What more would you ask for?
The weather cannot decide between sunny and rainy, nor between cold and mild. I had a surprise this morning went I went through the garden. In September, I have cleaned a bed. I was rather pleased to have removed all weeds. But with the recent rain, in just two days, this bed has turned green with tiny sprouts of weeds... I just had to laugh at the sigh.

I wish you all a very pleasant day!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice bag I am sure your niece will enjoy it.

It is funny how just a little rain will make the weeds respond. I like to think that the perrenials are also growing underground during winter when the rain is falling.

Anonymous said...
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