Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thank you all for your kind comments about my weekend projects. You know they mean a lot to me!
Nikkipolani asked about my garden. Well, I've been very lazy with gardening. Not all my fault: this year we have had a real winter, with snow and a lot of rain. The rainy days seemed to have a favour for weekends, so I spent very little time outside. But with several long weekends coming, things are going to change.
I've just toured the garden to see what has to be done. Answer: cleaning! Hence the weeds you will see in the pictures. Nonetheless, there are a few signs that spring is coming.
First, it is not yet dark, I even need my sun glasses to drive home :-)

Although I had been lazy, I managed to prune the roses at Xmas, so the snow did not damage them. They are getting themselves ready for the show:
Day lillies are eager to come out too:

just as bulbs:
and the Xmas rose loved the snow! Last year, it could not decide when to bloom. No hesitation this year:

When I arrive home, there is a nice scent to welcome me:

So, unless it is very cold, next Friday will be devoted to the garden!


Anonymous said...

This is the joy of gardening for me -- seeing new shoots, little buds, leaves unfurling -- wonderful signs of spring in your garden, Vero!

Susan Elliott said...

Loved the Christmas rose and I'm jealous that your Spring is coming sooner than mine. Perhaps we will both attend Lesage together one day? I enjoyed your thoughts on Christian Lecroix -- makes me want to read a biography! xo Susan

Rosemary said...

What delightful signs of spring. The Christmas rose beautiful.

Kerri said...

Vero, how lovely to see your signs of spring! I wish I had a Hellebore like yours, blooming in spite of the snow. Brave little flowers :)
Winter has been long and cold! We've had bitterly cold winds and frigid temps these past 2 days. Spring seems a long way off today!
You've been doing some beautiful work. I so admire your creative skills.