Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finished ... or not?

This weekend is a cool one. No on-line course to work on, no repairman to wait for, no travel to do. Perfect to tidy up things and show you some!
First a necklace we made at the shop, before Xmas. Not worn yet but longing to come out.

An little UFO: a wild woman, needed only a few beads to get ready for the picture.

Not an UFO, since it was started last Wednesday at the shop. A nice little purse, this one is quite simple. Deserves to get a bit wilder though.

This one is a true UFO. This is a project taken fro Quilting Arts issue December/January 2008. At the shop, we decided to do it as a scissors keeper. But none of us has been smart enough to check that we had enlarged the pattern enough for scissors to fit in... Of course, scissors are much larger... And now, though I'm pleased with it so far, I don't know how to finish it, and what to do with it. Any idea will be welcome...

I hope you enjoy your Sunday as much as I do!


Anonymous said...

Vero, your creations are of the most unique designs. The colours you choose, the shapes and styling... they are uniquely you. I like the little UFO especially :-)

Is your garden springing yet?

Rosemary said...

What fabulous items love the wild woman!

startare said...

Chouettes créations: j'aime surtout le collier et le petit sac. Mais où trouves-tu le temps de aire tout ça?

neki desu said...

scissor keeper is awinner no matter if it's small.
could be a funky pendant or if you put a bottom to it a coin purse.

neki desu

Aiyana said...

Great creations. I especially like the last one you showed.

Cath said...

Scissors keeper - what an excellent idea, and those colours are just fabulous!! Is there any way to incorporate some metal on there perhaps?? As per your tray??