Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome to GTS

If the morning glory has been a surprise, your welcome has been even a bigger one. I hadn't expected that, and I'm red with joy. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments.

GTS has played a major role in my decision to start a blog. I'd seen so lovely pictures, that I wanted to share some with you. It is motivating to see your pictures and think "What if ..."

And taking pictures, as well as looking at pictures, makes me discover details I have never noticed before.

Surely, morning glory can be considered as a weed. Mine was planted three years ago, and not at that place. But there is only one vine left, so I can manage that ;-). My personal weed is that:

This is not a beautiful picture, it is just to give you an idea. This is the largest patch, but there are many others throughout the garden. And the name of this weed is passion flower. This is the hardiest kind. Quite hardy and resisting to draught. Will even flower in the winter if a ray of sun touches it. It was a Mother's day gift, in a small container, years ago. Now it is all over the garden. I'm trying to control it, but it is very difficult. This wall will be cleaned up in a couples of weeks, when it is cooler (it has the advantage to make a curtain between my neighbours and me). I know people would be very happy to grow some, and I confess I like the plant. I think the flower itself is a real beauty. But I'd appreciate to have only a little bit of it.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that the last two of your posts are about passion flowers and morning glories because I have a wall of both. I am going to blog about it soon. They are gorgeous together. I know that both of them can be extremely invasive so I grow them together and let them fight it out.

Dianne said...

Sometimes weeds can be be the most beautiful!!

Kim said...

Couldn't find your email so I decided to drop by and say "Hello" - I enjoyed your pictures of Marseille.

Dot said...

Thankyou so much for visiting your blog and your lovely comments. I do appreciate them. I love your blog and the beautiful photographs and will visit often.

Alice said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog and I'm glad you enjoyed your day at Floriade among the tulips, courtesty of Blogger.

Welcome to blogging, verobirdie. I'm sure you'll love it as much all those you've met thus far, and the many thousands we all have yet to meet .... lol. Gosh, we wouldn't have time to go to work, would we?

It sounds like you have quite a task ahead of you with that Passion Flower. Maybe the saying "too much of a good thing is never enough" doesn't apply in this case?

Cheers -

Sisah said...

It is amazing what other gardeners regard as weeds... I wish I could grow one of these Passion flowers in my garden. But I live in zone 7 and winters can be very hard here.
Thank you for visiting me on my blog and your remarks about my Mespilus germanica. It seems you have the same problems as me, finding a decent recipe.May be I am wrong and I might find somewhere on your blog the ultimative idea for them!
I am quite surprised to find you speak english and german, , I am afraid my french is desastrous, j´ai oublié tout que jái appris á l`école.
Herzliche Grüße

mzjohansen said...

Hi !
Just want to thank you so very much for taking the time to look at my blog and, better still, to write a note! I saw your earlier comment this week, but work kept me off of the computer a lot! I have subscribed to your blog too and admire your work ... Je suis les être humain de quatre chats et je suis aussi intoxiqué à livres!
Merci bien pour votre temps.
Remerci pour semler !

Kylee Baumle said...

I love passion flower! I've had mine for three years now and just this summer I had to cut it back. It's in a planter that I take inside for the winter, since it's not hardy here ('Clear Sky') and it had totally taken over the planter to where you couldn't hardly see it. Plus, it hadn't flowered all summer. Hopefully, it will soon, because I love the flowers. It did flower all winter inside though, so maybe that's what it will do this year, too.

Julie said...

I have a similar thing with a vine on THE fence between our house and the neighbors! The fence belongs to them and is falling the vine helps to hold the whole mess upright!!! It is very pretty though, and I'm sure you will miss it if it is already gone!