Friday, September 14, 2007

Lutradur and Lace

In the new online magazine Fibre and Stitch, Carol McFee explained how to combine Lutradur and Lace. I could not resist and gave it a try.
Since I want to make a cover to keep my gardening catalogs, my piece is large and cut in two. The front will have the lace and scrim on it, the back will be just painted.
This is the first step: placing bit of lace and scrim on the lutradur.
I have applied a first layer of paint:
Then another layer of paint:
Then some foil rubbing and paint stick, and some FME. Below are pictures of the front and of the back of the cover.


JoWynn Johns said...

I love this, Vero. And thanks for showing the steps in creating it.

Caroline Commins said...

Vero, your book is beautiful! Now I want to try making a book with Lutradur and lace!

Dianne said...

Such a beautiful piece Vero!! Thanks for letting me know about your blog - I will definitely be a regular visitor.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog Vero. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Vero I did not mean to be anonymous


verobirdie said...

Thanks to you all, I'm so glad you came to visit my blog.
Marg, don't worry, it is really OK

Digitalgran said...

Your box is lovely and especially your Lutradur and lace book cover. i must do mine soon or I will be too late.

Kate North said...

Bonjour! Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope to see you again sometime.

I think your L&L piece is lovely - it's very different in style to the piece I did, but that's the joy of these things - they can all be so different and yet equally beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like this! Thanks for giving such great directions.