Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome and Thank you

I'm not yet completely familiar with blogger, so I may miss something from time to time. If so, please excuse me.

I'm thrilled that you like your visit here. Reading your comments tonight made the day more beautiful.

I've answered by email to some of you, and I'm answering below to whose email I did not find.

To No Rain: there were two stands with succulents and cacti. You would have like them, I think.
Emilie and I stayed a long time hesitating. I've made note for the spring, I surely will buy some succulents then. Regarding cacti, I'm more reluctant from the day where one of our cats fell into one, and I had to remove all the needles from the poor thing...

CrazyQStitcher, the alambic is quite amazing, that's true. This picture is for you. Maybe not the best one, but it was the first time a saw a lavender field. It appeared suddenly as I was driving and it had a great effect on me.

Dear Passe Temps, you are right, I'm French, and lazy :-). Since most of my contacts speak English, I've decided to blog in English. But if you want more information in French, do not hesitate, you'll be welcome.

Caroline, I'm not brave, I just like to chat :-). I've seen so many wonderful art or gardens in other blogs, I've learnt so much from them that I want to give some feedback too.

Conni, I visit your blog often too, and your pics on flickr. Thanks for coming.

Take good care and have a wonderful evening!

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