Sunday, October 5, 2014

So thrilled

to see you all there again, after all this time§

I was there, but very busy in the real world. Nothing bad, mind you. Just other priorities that kept me away from this blog (but not from yours) and from any textile arts.
However, I miss you, and I miss playing with threads and fabrics, so I'll do my best to be more present.

At the end of winter, I had to decide where to go on vacations. I wanted to go away, to really have a break.
In January, I went in the desert, in Marocco with a friend of mine, and I loved it. When browsing through the catalog, I read "Desert of Gobi". Sounded great. So desert of Gobi it was to be.

The trip was up to my expectations. Great landscapes. A very different world. And a lovely group to travel with. I've been back for two weeks now, but am still under the spell.

So let's go with more pictures.

Special note to Flattery and Bunny: you'd love running there. There are so many rabbits and rodents to run after...

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neki desu said...

good to see you back!
loved the photos and would like to see more.
it seems mongolia's the pace to go 2 other friends were there in august and the travel section of the paper had 2 articles.