Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hongory Els - Singing Sand Dunes

First a bit of explanation about the sheep.
Men kill the sheep. They are not allowed to pour blood on the floor. And they are up to the challenge. They cut one vessel near the hear, through a small incision. Death occurs very fast. All the blood is kept inside the cavity.
They skin the sheep, cut the flesh into pieces. The women step in to take the inner organs. They will boil them with onions. They are then presented and eaten as such, or you can grill them or whatever you fancy. Most of the meat is boiled. I was surprised to see how tasty it remains, and the texture too is amazing. I suppose that is because of the way they are fed. Grass, and only that.

Now let's go to the South of theGobi desert.
This goat was a leader. While the other kept their distances, it came to us to ask for some treats.
Those are singing dunes. Not every dune can sing, but those can. Because of the shape of the grain, of the temperature and other parameters. When the sand moves, you can hear it.

at the bottom, there must be a lake at some time of the year.
Indeed, there is
but as you see, it is very dry.
I did notmake it up to the top. However the view was something, even from the middle.
Some local chatting together

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houndstooth said...

It looks like a very unique and interesting place. I grew up on a farm with sheep and I've never been able to bring myself to eat mutton, but it sounds like quite a process!