Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn is here...

It is official: I've put my summer clothes away and have retrieved the winter ones from the cabinet... There won't be any heating in my office before November 5th... that is, if the men can fix it as scheduled...

Anyway, there are other signs Autumn is here: I'm preparing myself for the hibernation.
I have a hudge stash of yarns from my mother, and a nice way to reduce it is to crochet an afghan. For this year, I found a CAL at Bernat. With my yarns, it will be a bit smaller, but I don't mind, I enjoy the crocheting.
I did not find the time to purchase the batting for the Kokeshi, but have great hopes I will this week. At the same time I found the Kokeshi patterns, I was attracted by  this one, the red one at the bottom left (click on the image to have a better view). It is by Helen Stubbings. I was given some pairs of jeans to be recycled, and they just screamed to be part of this quilt! I've been cutting them last week, and piecing them yesterday and the day before.

I found some more fabrics in my stash to do the appliqué. Hopefully I'll have enough...

I also continued the Stitch embroidery
The small trees were fun, the star at the top right was less fun, all my fault. The vertical and horizontal branches were easy, but I had a hard time figuring out how to do the other ones. After struggling with them, and finishing them, I turned the page of the magazine to find the grid on the other side...

I wish you all a nice week. Take care!


Sarah Craig said...

I can't wait to see the denim quilt finished - the inspiration quilt is really something!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are just so creative Vero. I love the jeans quilt. I can't wait to see what you do with the colorful material that is sitting on it. Your crochet project is perfect for cooler weather. It is getting cooler here too. We already have the heat turned on. It is that time of year when we run the furnace in the evenings and overnight then open the windows during the day. I love this weather. Have a great week.

neki desu said...

hibernating plans over here too.and doing more inside stuff like preparing warps and finishing books.
hope des grèves were not too disrupting

Unknown said...

It's so beautiful. I can't stop staring at the jeans quilt, it's not only lovely but gorgeous.

It made me think of my grandma who used to make quilts from scratches. I still keep some of the quilts in my wardrobe and I seldom use them because I love them so much and I'm afraid if they wear out, I don't have them anymore. My grandma was wonderful tailor and cook but it's a shame that my mom didn't inherit anyone of those from her : ) As her granddaughter, I'm completely hopeless!!!

Kerri said...

So sad to have to put away the summer clothes. I hate having to put layers of clothes on to keep warm outside. It takes too long!
The denim quilt is beautiful!
As usual, you have done wonders with fabric. I love the blues.
I hope to get back to doing some embroidery and sewing this winter.
About the Verbena being frost resistant: The Homestead Purple I showed will survive until temps get consistently colder, but others need to be protected from the frosts. I cover or bring in my trailing verbenas which are in containers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A new blog design AND heaps of new creations ... Where do you find the time???
I miss you Mom :)

Rosemary said...

You certainly have been busy. Love the denim quilt.

Maxmom said...

Your quilt its lovely!...I have about 3 unfinished quilts lurking somewhere in the house...perhaps it's time to start working on them again. At's YOU who is making me think that way!
Sending lotaluv