Sunday, September 5, 2010

Alice Spring

The main street:
It is very quiet, with several art galleries selling aborigene art.DSC01557
One of the oldest building in Alice Spring, its first hospital,
Dot painting
Chamels played a big role in the construction of the railway. If I remember well, this painting is on the police station wall...
The river. We saw pictures of it after rains, it was full of water.
A meat sampler: chamel, emu, crocodile and kangoroo.DSC01555
Our hostel was a tiny one, very charming. It is run by one nice man, who wants to make it very friendly. When we arrived, he greeted us by our names (OK, he was expecting us, but still, ...). The hostel has only 14 rooms, and we felt as at grandma's. Our room was in the main building, next to the bathroom that looked exatcly like the one at my parent's, and next to a real family kitchen. All with a 70's look, very cosy. This is the backyard.


neki desu said...

the hospital looks so nice one almost wants to be sick!

Rosemary said...

Looks like an interesting place. All the different meats,
What an experience.

Doreen G said...

Did you taste all the meats Vera and if you did what were they like.
What an amazing trip you had-you have seen more of Australia than I have and I live here.
Who planned it all out for you?

Jackie said...

I've enjoyed these travel posts. Its a place I know I'll never go so its great to see it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You saw so many delightful scenes. I am enjoying seeing it all.

Anonymous said...

So interesting to see people walking right through the river! And that plate of the various foods was very intriguing. What did you think of them?

Kerri said...

You saw a wonderful sampling of Australian towns and sights. All places I wish I'd made it to. I'm happy to see them through your eyes, Vero :)
Alice Springs has such a rich history. Have you read "A Town Like Alice"?