Monday, September 6, 2010

Alice Spring - comments

Thanks all for your visit and comments.

Doreen, I planned the whole trip on my own, from France. It took me from early January to the early April. With Internet, and the Lonely Planet guide, it is rather easy. But still, I spent hours comparing flights, searching for the best deals for the trips, etc...
I booked most of the accomodations myself, except when they were included in a tour.
Transportation was done mainly by low cost flights, with one trip on bus from Airlee beach to Cairns, and a tour in minibus from Darwin to Alice Spring.
I booked the boat trip and the tour on Fraser Island through Peterpans Adventure Travels, and the tour from Darwin to Alice Spring from Adventure Tours. Both were very friendly and helpful.
I'm very proud that this travel went smoothly and that we enjoyed it.

Regarding the meats, I had to try them, and I liked them all. Of course, they have their own taste, mainly like beef and duck, but of course not quite.
I put on a couple of lbs while in Australia, I think mainly because we had drinks almost every night, which I don't do at home, and also because portions are hudge. And I love fish&chips, which I don't eat in France. It is a bit hard to get rid of those pounds, but I'll do it, and it was worth it.

I'm not working today, the weather is gorgeous, life is good. I hope it is the same for you!

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Rosemary said...

Verobirdie I am impressed at the trip and all the planning it took . Way to go.