Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stuart Highway

Yes to all, the weekend in Paris was great! The pictures in my last post do not show the most popular monuments in Paris, but  some views I was not aware of. Of course, Paris is much more!
Yes Neki, you can be jealous that I saw the YSL exhibition, but maybe it will travel in Europe???
And Shirley, I knew Susan was a kiwi, and I love her work.

Pfff, the week just run away. But at least, I managed to fit all my chores in working days, so that I could enjoy a weekend all for me, or for textiles and books. :-) And I've sorted some more pictures:

Usually, I cannot stay long without doing anything. When I sit, I need to have my hands busy, or at least I need to read a book. Or I fall asleep very quickly.
The road between Darwin and Alice Spring is a long one, with bare landscapes. Well, I could not keep my eyes off of them. I never had enough of them (except for the casual naps :-)).

That is how the road looks like
with some gas stations:
Wycliffe Well Roadhouse, apparently a favorite spots for the aliens.
The one at Barrow Creek Telegraph Station
or this one in the middle of nowhere
serviced by an emu
while the owners are watching

I'm aware that the weather was nice, not hot, that it has been raining a lot this year, making the landscape less lunar, and that living here all year round is certainly very hard, but for an European, it is a complete change. In addition, there are a lot of stories and history along this road. Seriously, I loved this highway. "If I were a rich man", I'd still be there :-).


neki desu said...

i can imagine living in this vastness could be intimidating for me

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How odd to see an emu at a gas station. There is a farmer in this area that has some emus. He is trying to raise them here for some reason. He has several exotic animals. I like the desert mermaid too. Ha..

Rosemary said...

Oh my what an interesting drive I certainly would not be falling asleep either.

Kerri said...

It's such a long time since I traveled this highway but the memories are still vivid. Yes, it's a fascinating place. I'm glad to hear they've had some good rain. That red dirt country is usually dry as a bone.
The emu cracks me up :)