Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Devil's Marble

Thank you all for the comments on the bag! I'm rather proud of it, I confess :-)

Lisa, speaking of cliches, I recomment the book Downunder by Bill Bryson. He clearly loves Australia, this book is his vision of this country. It is very funny and interesting. We went to some of the places he describes, and we found out he tells the truth (and we shared one concern: where will we have a drink tonight ;-))
Deb, this airport has seen many sad stories, I think.

Back to Australia. Our next stop was at Devil's Marbles.
They are a sacred site for aborigenes, but their name comes from the fact that when farmers stopped there with there cattle, they would find half of them dead on the next morning. Apparently, the most yummy grass was also the most poisonous. 
I'm deeply in love with those colors, red against blue. It started in the Katherine Gorge, and went on all the way down to Alice Spring and around Alice Spring. Yes, I know, it is a common feeling for the visitors of this part of the world...

This one if for the truck train, very exotic for me.


neki desu said...

great photos. and those skies!!

ps. the house of love is spamming you with gibberish

Anonymous said...

The landscape is unique, Vero. I love how you've captured it with that blue blue sky and the wonderful shapes in the rocks and hills.

Kerri said...

Vero, I can't believe I've been missing your trip to Australia! Anyway, I've read all about it this morning and looked at all your beautiful pictures. What a wonderful trip you had!!
It was fun to see so many familiar scenes from my home country :) And also places that I've never had the pleasure to visit.
Your photos of the Devil's Marbles are very beautiful. Yes, those colors are amazing.
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

Love the big rocks..
They would look great in our garden:)
- Cheers Gisela.
Thanks for visiting.