Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let's go to Daly Waters

After leaving Kathering Gorge, we stopped at Mataranka thermal spa. This is a natural swimming pool at a constant temperature of 34 degrees. In the middle of palm trees. Very convivial, with people chatting and enjoying themselves.
Then, back to the hell of traffic! :-)

This is Australia most remote traffic lights! In the middle of nowhere, in fact of Daly Waters, with maybe 12 cars passing in one hour...
It stands in front of this pub:
This is Australia oldest pub, and maybe weirdest pub too.
Travellers are invited to leave a piece of themselves here, and those items are on display all over the pub.
Across the street, it is also a bit weird:
And not far away from this pub, you find this:
Have you guessed what it is?
Still wondering? This is Australia first international airport... It must have been quite an adventure...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This makes me think of all the cliches about Australians. What a fun adventure.

neki desu said...

awesome crepe myrtle tree in front of the pub!

deb said...

I think Amelia Earhart landed at that airport just before she disappeared over the Pacific.

Kerri said...

I spent the night in Daly Waters once, years ago when I was about 21 and traveling around the north east of Australia with a girlfriend. The tiny Northern Territory towns were isolated then...far apart, sometimes a hundred miles/160km. I wonder if they're much different now.
I've been to Katherine and seen the gorge, and up to Darwin, but I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Alice Springs or any of the attractions near there. Did you go to Ayers Rock? That's probably what your next post is about :)