Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's go to Sydney!

Sydney is a very special stop for us. For two reasons:

  • Although Melbourne is a very nice town, it looks very much like London, i.e. like Europe. Of course, Sydney is very european too, but it has:
    So it is the place that really said "You are in Australia"!
  • It is also the home town of this lady

    Her name is Karen. As we were teenagers, we happened to become penpals. That was long before Internet, so it was quite an adventure to receive a letter from the other side of the world, for both of us. At some time, we lost contact, but Karen found me again about 10 years ago, shortly before Amandine's first trip to Australia. Imagine, my daughter did met my penpal from long ago! I could not believe this was true. And now, I too met Karen in person, not only her but also her family. Unbelievable! She made our stop in Sydney very special. And guess what? Karen and her daughter will be in Paris next month. I'll make the trip to meet them there. It is just like a dream...

    Sydney is also:


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful photos of your Sydney stop, especially you and the girls. What fun to meet up with an old pen pal. I had a pen pal that lives in Holland for many years. I don't hear from her any more. I was sad to lose her as a friend. Maybe some day we will be reunited too.

Gail said...

Would have loved to have shown you round what is left of our garment districts.

neki desu said...

what a great adventure meeting your pen friend after so long. great photos!

Anonymous said...

How fun to meet your long lost pen pal!! Great images of you and your friend with beautiful Sydney in the background.

Kerri said...

Ah, there you are in my old stomping ground :) It's always so good to see pictures of Sydney. I worked there before I was married. Traveling with your daughters must've been a very special time for you.
How wonderful to meet your pen pal after so many years of long distance friendship.
And what a treat it will be to see Karen and her daughter again in Paris!

Sonja♥ said...

J'adorais aller en Australie!!!! Ca a l'air d'être un pays extraordinaire:)

Sonja♥ said...

J'adorais aller en Australie!!!! Ca a l'air d'être un pays extraordinaire:)