Sunday, June 13, 2010


After a 24-hours flight, we landed in Melbourne.

The city center seen from the ANZAC Memorial
from the riverbank
Federation Square

Some old houses, from the very beginning of Australia
China town
Luna Park

There is a feature of Melbourne I have no photo of: the penguins in Saint-Kilda. You come out when the night has set in. In order not to scare them, tourists are requested not to use flash. Anyway, they are very small, I think they are the smallest penguins, and they are cute.

Landing in Melbourne brought us directly to Autumn. As a funny consequence, I kept looking for Christmas lights and shop windows :-).
Another surprise: there are many cloth shops for men, and many business men look prettry good in their suit. No doubt they do a lot of sport.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Melbourne looks beautiful. A park named for Luna. Did you go there? Did you purchase any unusual material?

BryannaR22369 said...
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