Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Melbourne - Royal Botanic Garden

I too am glad to be back with you. I tried to follow your blogs while I was away, but I had only a limited access to internet, and so many things to do while in Australia, as you will see :-)
Of course, I'm going to tell you all about this adventure!

Lisa, I could not go inside the Luna Park, it is closed in winter, except during school vacations or weekends...
Melbourne Luna Park has a twin park in Sydney with the same gate.
I did not bring many stuff back, except pictures and beautiful memories: we were not allowed a lot of luggage until the very last days.

Speaking of telling you all, let's start with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.
They are close to the ANZAC Memorial.
We visited them at the end of the afternoon, and in Autumn. This explains the light in some pictures.

I read that many public gardens in Australia like this one were created to look like those of the UK. Hence they are not really adapted to the climate. Apparently, things are changing, and when those gardens need renovation, local plants are introduced to replace the exotic (European) ones.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Somehow I would expect to see drought tolerant plants in Australia. What a beautiful place.

Gail said...

If you want to see an Australian botanical garden you need to visit Mt Anan on the edge of Blue Mountains near Sydney. There you will see an amazing array of native grevilla.

neki desu said...

wow!!thinking about moving there after this,
ps.love your new fb pict. you, the girls and urulu :)

Susan Elliott said...

It's all so wonderful Veronique! Welcome back!

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