Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm currently seen with those:

But recently, I met those and fell in love:
Yesterday, they took me for a nice walk, starting with the church:
This little church is above my village. It marks the place where Sainte Rosalie stopped the pest that had arrived in Marseille in the 18th century. 
This is also the entry to the hill:

There are not many trees, because wild fires come regurlarly, sigh.
But have a closer look at this almond tree:
Yes, spring is coming!
I was quite surprise to see this:

I went to the Castellas before heading home:

I must find more about the Castellas story to tell you. Castellas is of course a word for Castle.

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.


Joyce said...

I like the boots best! I'd love to go on that hike. Here, we still need snowshoes to hike off the road.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love seeing the area you live in. It looks like you had a great hike. I wish I could put on my hiking boots and go with you.

Kristy Chan said...

what gorgeous photos - if I lived where you are I'd swap the heels for hiking boots often too! Although those heels are very cute.....

neki desu said...

great shoes.both of them!

Wanda said...

Such a beautiful area. I would also be walking all the time. I'm sure all the season changes are a wonder!