Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the mail today

from my sister:

Isn't she gifted?

I did not do much textile this week: I have a strong case of movie fever. This happens once or twice a year.
On Monday, I went to see The Princess and the Frog. Quite charming. I liked it. 
And on Friday, I went to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightining Thief. On the whole a good movie, with nice visual effects, but I fear I'm a bit too old for this one. Clearly, it is for teenagers :-)

Susan, regarding my understanding of English, Sherlock Holmes was easy to understand. Both Sherlock and Watson are British and educated, and as such, rather easy to understand. I remember I did not understand much of Juno, because she speaks like a teenager. From time to time, we've got American series in English on TV. For example, I can understand H and Eric in CSI Miami, while Calleigh gives me a hard time. So, it really depends on what I'm listening to. 
My coworker, and now friend, Irene is Scottish. She trained me to enjoy English, in books, movies, etc...As a result, I always try to see a movie in the English version, whenever possible. Even if I don't understand all, the atmosphere is quite different. 

Right now I'm working on a skirt, not an easy one because it is from a Burda pattern, with Burda instructions... I think the same with Vogue instructions would be much easier. I'm lucky I'm on leave tomorrow, so I hope I can post more about it.
In the meantime, take care!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sisters are the best. Happy Valentines Day.

Digs said...

Psssst! you've been tagged. Follow this link to play - it's a quick little game:

Unknown said...

Your Sister is very talented! I was wondering what the Sherlock holmes movie was like! suzie xxx

Wanda said...

Your sis is great! Such a pretty gift!

Kerri said...

Your sister does beautiful work! Talent runs in your family.
I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day, Vero.
You are lucky to be able to understand 2 languages. Movie fever is understandable as this winter goes on and on. We need something to occupy our minds and spirit us away from the cold while we wait for warmer temperatures and color in our world once more!
How is your daughter enjoying Australia? I could really enjoy some of the Aussie sunshine right now!