Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bellydance dress

For our performance at the end of June, our teacher asked us to provide our clothes ourselves. There are some shops in Marseille or in Internet where we can buy dresses, or we could as the seamtress of the dance school to sew one.

In BOWF of April, I had seen this dress, which I wanted to make to weare at home during summer. So why not combine both?
Here is the result:
The belt has been purchased, not made by me.
The pants are the muslin of this one.
Whereas I don't intend to wear the pants, I do want the dress to last. So I was very carefull with the seams, finishing them with bias or using "English seams" (couture anglaise in French, you sew wrong side against wrong side, then turn over to have right side against right side and you sew to enclose the previous seam. It is a bit like the seams on jeans, but not applied. I don't know the English words for them). The satin bias was sewed with the machine and finished by hand and the beads ribbons were sewed by hand. Perfect job to watch some TV :-)

I hope the weather is as bright where you live as it is here!


wendy said...

Sooo pretty! I really like the purple trim around the neckline. I have the april BWOF sitting by my sewing machine right now, there are so many pretty outfits in that issue. :-)

We call that seam finish "french seams" in english. Kind of funny that the names are flipped.

Annica said...

Gorgeous! Wish I could see you dance in it. Maybe you could go on a world tour.:-)

Rosemary said...

Terrific idea!

Miss Sewing said...

The bellydance dress is very pretty!!!I like to much the details of neck and sleeves, the saten bias is really nice.

I hope you enjoy it!!!



Shirley Goodwin said...


Susan Elliott said...

I can't wait to see YOU in it!!! You've sewn it beautifully -- I'm so impressed that you can belly dance!!!

JoWynn Johns said...

Great! Fun to make and fun to wear, I'm sure.

startare said...

Where and when is your show? I'll have to start belly dancing again next year.

Cda00uk said...

lovely costume - well done!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your bellydancing dress is marvelous. Good job.

It is a gorgeous day here today. Love this May weather.

Wanda said...

This is fantastic! So bright and beautiful! We DO get to see you model...right??!!