Friday, May 29, 2009

Power to the hand stitcher

Thank you for the comments on the blouse.
Susan, I'm not fast: I'm on vacations :-) besides, this fabric and the pattern called to be made into something to go with the skirt. I could not resist their urge :-)

This is the title of an article by Laura Wasilowski in the Quilting Arts issue of February/March 2009. In this article, Laura proposes to practise hand embroidery around a heart. What we did at the patchwork club.
You can learn more about Laura at Artfabrik.
Here is my result:
First as a whole, in full sun :-)

The back (I had to find a way to have enough lime fabric! Hence the idea of heart square)

And the detail of the embroidery, in the shadow.

I'm not sure I'll keep it: if my neighbor comes and gives me cherries, he'll go back with it. If he doesn't come with cherries, I'll keep it :-) In both cases, I'm a winner.


Laura Wasilowski said...

Beautiful! The stitching is exquisite.

Wanda said...

beautiful handwork! I'm very impressed! And I like the way you are going to decide whether you keep it or not! ha ha "will work for cherries!!!" I love it!

solange said...

Trop beaux ces coussins, ton assistant va apprécier.

Shirley Goodwin said...

It's lovely!

Anonymous said...

Cherries or no cherries? En tout cas tu l'as fini TOI pas comme moi!

FBeenz said...

Beautiful work.