Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Babette Blankett comments

Thank you for commenting on it.

Startare, it does have a border, not a wide one, but it has (adapted to the leftover, in fact :-).
Corryna, Rosemary, Susan, Startare, don't hesitate, make one, it is relaxing and fun, and you can take it or drop it whenever you want. No need to count either.
Lisa, I guess Luna could have some ideas too about the blanket or the yarn ?
Embellisher, I've tried to follow the pattern, regarding colors, but I had to make some arrangements. On the whole, I'm satisfied. I've seen some blanketts in other color themes, they look very different but all gorgeous.
SewAmy, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Have all a very good end of week!

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