Saturday, December 20, 2008

ATC and AS received

This week brought three nice surprises:
One from Muriel:
one from Solange:

The third one was a calendar by Wurzel. Although I love every bit of it, it is difficult to show you pictures of it. It is really gorgeous, and made with pictures from her own garden. You should visit her blog to see more of it!

And while I was writing another surprise arrived:

made by the kids next door. Ain't they yummy?

I wish you all a good weekend. I'm heading towards my sewing machine...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These ATC's are gorgeous and the cookies yummy.

Anonymous said...

elles sont toutes belles mais j'ai une préférence pour celle de muriel

Aiyana said...

The ATCs are very nice. I wonder what materials were used in the larger one. Some elements look like something other than cloth.
I usually try to make a few ATCs for the holidays, but this year I'm involved in a Chunky Book trade and I've been busy with that, as this trade is more elaborate than most.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and letting me know you are still active in GTS when you have something blooming. Have a great holiday,

Corryna said...

What a wonderful ATC's. I like them both.

Rosemary said...

What yummy cookies! how nice of the neighbours children.The textiles are beautiful.

Wanda said...

Great ATCs! Did you get the chance to check out yet? I am so fascinated with the ATCs and postcards. I don't actually trade with anyone but love to see the creations. my "bake cookies day" is tomorrow. Not exactly my forte but I'm going to give it a try!