Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I should be preparing my stuff for the patchwork tomorrow, but I miss you, so here I am :-)

Thank you for your comments on my trip to Munich. I'll post some more photos before next year!

In the meantime, time is running. I don't know how days disappear, but they do. I fact, I know. Since I'm back from Munich, I've been cleaning the house and trying to decorate it. The proof:

At least, she has got the spirit ...
And I've been away again this weekend. To visit my eldest daughter in Paris. The weather was not good, to say the least. So no pictures.
We did some Xmas shopping, had dinner at a nice corsican restaurant, and went to the Muséee de La Mode, where there was an exhibition about crinolines. I wish I could show you pictures. All the dresses were just gorgeous. Most of them made of silk. Sigh.
Then we went to Palais de Tokyo, officially to see some modern art, in the truth because it was too cold to cross the Seine to go another Musee :-) We ended the day in a Japanese restaurant.
The aim of the trip was not tourism, but just being together. And I met the nice guy she is sharing a flat with. Not a boyfriend, just a friend.
But now, I really have to prepare my stuff for tomorrow, and myself for bellydancing tonight.
Take care all, especially those lost in the cold!

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Wanda said...

I don't think it was bad that the weather didn't cooperate. Like you said..the purpose was to visit and I've had some of the best visits with my family when the weather was the worst!