Sunday, July 6, 2008

Your comments

Yes Fifiquilter, I made a note with the recipe of the jam on my journal. And note to myself, as a novice jam maker, either buy twice as many jars as you think you need, or don't make jam on a Sunday... I ended with 11 jars instead of 5 or 6. By chance, I've found some I kept for other uses.
Acey, Tanguera, Lisa and Magpie, I very surprised by the result. I was sure I could not do that :-), until I tried :-) It is really fun and liberating too. And maybe addictive...
Doreen, thanks for the comments on rubbing. I hope you had as much fun with yours as I did with mine.
Prairiethistle, I appreciate the small sketchbook I can carry with me, but for some studies, it is too small. So I have a large notebook too.
Wanda, glad I helped for blackwork :-)
Nikkipolany, Startare, Conni, Teresa, I was not going to do something with the van Gogh, but after your comments, and working more on journaling, maybe i'll try to tanslate it to textile, as soon as I find the time :-) or need the inspiration.

Thank you all for your comments! They are as motivating as the ones of fellow students in the Joggles forum.

Have a nice Sunday!

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