Thursday, July 10, 2008


I went to Arles this afternoon. This is an old town, founded by Romans: with the Rhone running in the middle:
and lots of beautiful old houses:

It is also the town where Christian Lacroix was born, and from which he takes his inspiration to create dresses and jewels. This year, he has been invited to reorganized a museum (Musée Réattu) where he spent many hours as a teenager. He has selected pieces of art from artists he loves. Those pieces, and some of his dresses, jewels, etc are exhibited in this old museum.

It is quite amazing. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed inside. But I found a link to a diaporama:

The dresses do carry the Arlesian tradition, even though they are very modern too. It is amazing how he achieved the mixture between past and present in them. And they are always full of contrasts, either in colors or in textures (silk mixed with felt, knitting with high-couture embroidery, etc...). They are all gorgeous, most of them with large footages of fabrics. The whole exhibition is homogeneous, in theme, inspiration, colors. Christian Lacroix has presented us with his culture. He would be a great example to follow in our Studio Journal course :-) (yes, there were some of his sketchbooks too).


Wanda said...

This is a beautiful town. Just the type of town to wander around in on such a beautiful day. I haven't spent any time in southern France, just northern. I think I really need to plan a trip there. Your photos are great. It inspired me to think about the wonders of color.

Penny said...

Thank you so much for the link to Christian Lacroix and Arles but the diaspora was fascinating. wonderful to have seen it.