Monday, July 7, 2008

Studio Journal

I continued the exercises with some on the color wheels (and I would add about painting altogether... I clearly lack the practise, and some good brushes). After working on a painted background, it seems odd to work on a white one... As Sharon asked, I'm trying to make a color page each day for 5 days. For the moment, it is easier as I thought.
This page is about a failure in my garden: I love bright colors, and day lilies. So I purchased some in September, all either orange or bright red. But even for me, this collection has a little too much energy :-). So I will purchase some white or cream flowers to balance that. Hence this page.
My neighbor told me on Thursday that he saw a lovebird in the trees. Was it one of mine. No, mine were all there. We both though that the magpies or the cats would catch it very soon. So I was very surprised to find it yesterday, hanging on the aviary outside, clearly longing for real food and company. But I could not catch it. Until I opened the window in front of my cockatiels. Curiosity was stronger than prudence, and it went to see those weird birds. As I approached, it flew away, but inside the house, where I finally caught it. And it became the theme of another page:
I wanted an abstract lovebird. Will have to rework it a bit, but I like the first shot.
And here is the guy (dark green) among mine.


Guzzisue said...

have your birds accepted the stranger?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of your journal work looks good. I wonder why the new bird looks more green. Is it a differnt type of lovebird? Or maybe it was its food eaten while in the wild.

Teresa said...

He's beautiful! Surely someone in your neighborhood will be posting a sign reading something like: "We're forlorn, we've lost our handsome lovebird. Please call #########."
I'm glad he's with you and out of the way of stealthy cats.

Anonymous said...

Bravo pour ton carnet, il est super !
Une fan de carnets.

JoWynn Johns said...

I am getting so much pleasure from following along with your studio journal course lessons. What a lot of good ideas you are getting! Sharon is a wonderful teacher, isn't she? I hope you continue to take us along with you.