Thursday, July 26, 2012

busy lazy weekend

Hi to all,

Glad you like the haberdashery in Paris. I wish I'd made better pictures, but given the weather, it was the best I could do (it was both sunny and rainy at the same time...)
Emilie had her birthday in June, but we managed to get together only last weekend. Enjoying the sun around the swimming pool at her father's (this is him, and our second daughter)

It was really fun. Cooking was easy, some tomatoe/parmesan tiramisu, BBQ (delicious), and salads.

Some cold drinks(me and second daughter)

birthday cakes

Where is the birthday kid? She hates having her picture taken. She is here, wrapped in her birthday present...
which you can see in more details. It is part of why I've been rather quite in the textile front this year: it tooks me a big part of my free time, and I wanted to keep the secret. I saw a pattern exactly one year ago, and it called to be made for Emilie. I was cutting the pieces when I learnt she had lost her job, then her sister lost hers too, their father had some health and family issues. Somehow, this quilt absorbed it all. It was very soothing to make something positive, full of love. And I finished it when things started to improve. To me, this quilt does mean a lot. This party was the happy ending of the year.


georgia little pea said...

Happy VERY belated birthday to your daughter! That tiramisu looks amazing. I thought tiramisu was some kind of chocolate and cream confection. Obviously, it can be other combinations. I want to eat the cakes ;) Your quilt looks lovely too. Any close ups?

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

What a gorgeous gift - that definitely would have kept you busy. Glad to see you are enjoying summer and that the year ended better than it started.

neki desu said...

what a great present! and how nice you could channel the issues through something creative.

Unknown said...

Georgia : Thank you :) You can imagine berries tiramiu as well. This one is also pretty good and fresh, perfectly suited the weather we had.

Mom : Thnak you again for the quilt. As you could see, it found its place on the coach. Great visual effect. Another advantage : to finish the evening in front of TV, I refold it over me and usually fall asleep quite quickly! (respect of family traditions is important :p)
Thank you again for this wonderful week end!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun celebration. A belated happy birthday to Emilie.

startare said...

Sublime, le quilt! quel beau travail, et ta fille a bien de la chance!

Bassetmomma said...

What a wonderful birthday gift for your daughter! So full of love. It looks like a perfect family gathering! :)
I'm just playing a little cacth up during our holidays. I hope your having a great summer!