Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hello to all,

I've was away this weekend, gone to the North Pole, I mean Paris.
Can you imagine people there still wear winter clothes? And rightly so? yuk!

You see what I mean? This picture was taken around 9:00...
Can you guess what this building is?DSC02940
Yes, you can go on its roof
Look at the windows for a clue. Yes, this is a cathedral, in Evry near Paris, build by Mario Botta..
Unfortunately, the doors were closed. No picture of the inside.
But you can have a peek here.
This one is Notre Dame d'Espérance, in rue de la Roquette in Paris. Picture taken between two showers.
and this is the inside (sorry Kirsty, no chandelier...).

Let's finish on a bright note: the view from my daughter's flat.


georgia little pea said...

Is it really still cold enough for winter clothes in Paris or are you just being sarcastic LOL? It was very VERY hot the last time I was there and uncomfortably sticky in the metro.

I love that building with the trees on it. Not so much the building itself, but those trees. They make the building look like a lopsided crown! Someone had a sense of humour.

Have a great time with your daughter :) x

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A double rainbow is worth the trip let alone all the beautiful buildings. Glad you enjoyed your trip despite the cold weather. It is hard for me to believe it is so cool there while we are roasting here.

Bassetmomma said...

The weather does look miserable there. Both of those cathedrals are gorgeous! I can't believe have big the first one is inside. What a unique design. That double rainbow from your daughters flat is beautiful. :)

neki desu said...

aww yuckk! it's a good thing you had your daughter to cheer you up.

blandina said...

The Botta's buidling is amazing, I like how this architect uses the space and the light.
How nice that your daughter lives in Paris, I would be visiting all the time!

houndstooth said...

What a beautiful rainbow! Even with the soggy weather, things still look beautiful. The cathedral with the trees on top is wonderfully unique!

nikkipolani said...

Absolutely fascinating post, Vero! I had no idea these cathedrals were in Paris (I haven't visited in many years). And a lovely photo to finish with :-)

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the view of Paris.. Hot and dry here would be happy to send my weather your way if your send some cool and wet my way!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. That's what we love about blogville, we get to see the world. I hope your stay with your daughter was wonderful. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

startare said...

Arc-en-ciel double! mon physicien de copain serait en fusion! Très jolies photos, et heureusement qu'il fait quand même un peu beau par ici.