Monday, October 10, 2011

Where has the week gone?

Hello ladies,

Thanks for your comment on the Slutwalk. The vision of that man has been bothering me all week. We were at least two grown up women listening to what he said, without reacting. How could that be? I'm rather short-tempered, you know. I think I have an answer. Soft-operator could be what he is. His body language was very different from what he said. From a few steps away, he looked calm, educated, nice. He chose his words very carefully. I'm sure that he is manipulative, making you believe he never said what you "think" he said. Sigh...

Autumn seems to be there, the strong wind making the temperatures drop in a few hours.
What is a girl to do? Catch the last bites of holidays.
There is this brand new hotel in Barcelona, direct on the beach, shaped like a sail. You can see it here.
I am very curious about it, because my daughter told me it is beautiful inside, and because W means Largo Winch to me :-). So we went for a drink, this time at the outdoor bar at the bottom of the tower, next time we'll try the one upstairs, with the view over the town. It was cosy, with very nice staff.

More pictures of Barcelona, soon! In the meantime, take care! Somebody is watching...


houndstooth said...

Is that last picture of a painting or something else? It's rather captivating! I envy you being able to travel to Barcelona! Have fun!

Unknown said...

It seems autumn has been creeping in to many of my friends' places but we don't have any changes here at all. I miss the time when I was in UK and I always love autumn.

Barcelona trip sounds really interesting!!!

neki desu said...

ohh the ritz! never been bcse i'm scared of the prices. too bad i missed you, catch up w you in aix.