Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I developping a new addiction?...

This has been a long weekend, with Friday afternoon off, and Monday a holiday.

On Friday, I had a quick lunch at home, and rushed to enjoy a long walk in the hunter-free hill, under a beautiful sun. Then I made myself and Choupette comfortable in the couch, with a nice tea pot, and woke up two hours later (I had not slept too well during the week...).
As promised, the weather changed to gloomy and rainy on Satturday. I mangaged to walk to the market, and to have a short walk on Sunday, eagerly waiting for the weather improvement forecast for today. Only to find that it was still raining... And I, the couch potatoe, decided to ignore the rain, took my umbrella and switched my Ipod to an album by the Wolfe Tones, and went for another long walk early in the morning. The Irish songs matched the wet and green hill perfectly. The landscape did feel very Irish, indeed.
Clearly, this walking thing is become addictive :-)
At some point, I saw a blue dot in the sky, but it did not last, and rain prevailed for the rest of the day. Perfect to do some applique, comfortable in the couch, with Choupette on my lap, watching Jurassic Park, with the teapot nearby.
I took some pictures with my phone, but eek, are they ugly! I've deleted them right away.

On the whole, it was a good weekend, I did some gardening, mounted the embroidered XMas postcard, prepared the Kokeshi quilt sandwich, and started the applique on the next quilt. And I read Gone Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane.

I must remember that they are working on the heating at the office this week, so it will be moist and cold. Argh.

I hope that you had as nice a weekend as I did, and that your week will be a good one.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Walking is a good addiction. It is so good for your health. It sounds like you took full advantage of your weekend. Cheers. Try to stay warm this week.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Sometimes you just need a relaxing indoors weekend like yours.

Unknown said...

It seems you had a very nice weekend in spite of the rain. I always enjoy walking in the woods and common when I was overseas but it's so sad that we don't have many places for us to walk over here and it's far too hot in this country too.

neki desu said...

walking is great, esp. out in i envy you!

Rosemary said...

Sounds like a nice weekend especially the nap and the walk.

Maxmom said...

Walking is so good for the soul!...It allows you to notice the small things in life and gives and opportunity to reflect and appreciate. Enjoy your walking, Vero. How's the quilting going? Hope your heating is fixed soon.
Sending lotsaluv

Kerri said...

Good for you Vero, getting into a walking routine, and even walking in the rain!
I used to do it every morning in the summer when a young friend lived next door and would walk with me. I enjoy it so much more with a companion.
Lately the weather has been too chilly to be outdoors much, sad to say.
I'm glad you had such a relaxing weekend.